Importing your scheduled Zoom meeting into Mediasite

This article explains how to automatically import your scheduled Zoom meeting into Mediasite.

Only scheduled Zoom meetings which are labelled as teaching content and recorded to the Zoom cloud will be automatically imported into Mediasite. All other Zoom meetings, such as ad-hoc meetings or personal meeting room sessions, will not be automatically imported.

Please Note: This guide uses the Zoom Desktop Client for Windows. However, if you use the Zoom Web Interface or the Zoom mobile application, the scheduled meeting options are displayed slightly differently but the information in this guide still applies. You will need to go into advanced options on the Zoom mobile application when confirming if this is teaching content (point 2 in the following guidance).

Any recordings or related data from personal use of Zoom (non-University use) should not be saved in your University Zoom account or in Mediasite


Configuring your Scheduled Meeting in Zoom

This short video demonstrates the basic steps to follow to ensure your Zoom recording is imported into Mediasite


Please Note: Mediasite will import the recording and its associated captions. There may be a delay before the captions are available with the recording in Mediasite. No action is required if the captions are not immediately available. They will be added to the recording as soon as Mediasite can access them.

Additional Points to Note

Record on this computer

If you choose ‘Record on this computer’ instead, an MP4 file will be saved to your device. You can upload this manually to Mediasite if required. Furthermore, Ad-hoc Zoom meetings (or Personal Meeting Room sessions) that are recorded to the Zoom cloud will not be imported into Mediasite. They must be scheduled meetings.

Record Now (formerly Ad-hoc recordings)

If you wish to import recordings of ad-hoc meetings or personal meeting room sessions into Mediasite you can manually upload them to Mediasite. You also have the option to use Mediasite Mosaic and guidance is available on how to use it via Windows and MacOS


When imported to Mediasite the Zoom recording will retain the automatic captions originally generated. These captions can be edited manually within Mediasite. Guidance on how to edit the captions can be found under ‘Reviewing your Automatics Captions’ within the knowledge base article Captioning your Mediasite content.

Quota management and folders

It is recommended that you move the recording from your personal folder in Mediasite to a module folder. This will reduce your personal quota in Mediasite. It can also enable students on the module to find content for revision purposes more easily and allow the content to be managed via the University's automatic retention and deletion policy

Non-University Usage

Any recordings or related data from personal use of Zoom (non-University use) should not be saved in your University Zoom account or in Mediasite

Further Help and Support

For guidance and support on how to use the Zoom application please visit the Zoom Help Centre, where you will find various Video Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions and Getting started topics for users and participants.

Support is also available via IT Self Service (this website) by using the available options (don't forget to login as you'll have additional options).