Using Zoom - Guidance for Staff & Students

Zoom is a video conferencing and collaboration tool. The below guidance outlines how to login with your University credentials and attend meetings.


Signing in to University of Leeds Zoom License

To sign in, go to

Zoom uses the University's Single Sign On (SSO), this means that if you are logged in to Microsoft 365 or Minerva for example, you will bypass the usual login page when you click 'Sign in'. If you haven't logged in to any of these systems, then you will be required to sign in as normal.

University of Leeds Zoom log in

When you click 'Sign in' (configure your account), and have not signed to any University system you will be redirected to the University of Leeds log-in page. Please sign in with your University credentials (using your '' and password).

If you navigate to the main Zoom homepage by accident - - you will need to click on 'Sign in' and then 'Sign in with SSO'. This will load a new web browser page, to use your University login credentials, this will authenticate your account on Zoom.

Restriction to the use of Project/Shared accounts: All Zoom meetings, webinars and conferences should be set up using individual staff University accounts rather than project/shared accounts. As of September 2022, Zoom uses Duo authentication so project accounts that were used for accessing Zoom previously will no longer be able to log in.

Zoom guides for common activities

When joining a meeting, you will be given the option to 'download the Zoom desktop client'. You can download the client or select 'start from your browser' to use the web version.

When 'scheduling a meeting' you will need to select 'Yes' or 'No' to the question 'Is this teaching content?'. On the Zoom mobile application this can be found under 'Advanced Options'. This setting enables Zoom recordings to be automatically imported into Mediasite. More details can be found in the article 'Importing your Scheduled Zoom Meeting into Mediasite'. Meetings can still be recorded if you select no to this question.

The University has a small number of Webinar and Large Meeting licences for Zoom, covering up to 500 or up to 1000 participants, which can be temporarily added to an individual Zoom account. Please contact the IT Service desk to request one of these licences. They are booked on a first come, first served basis, therefore the more notice you can give the better. Please try to give 7 working days’ notice.

The following list provides links to Zoom guidance on how to do some of the common activities in Zoom:

Signing in to the Zoom desktop client

On the desktop client, select 'Sign in' and then select 'Sign in with SSO'.

desktop client sign in page

In the Company Domain field, type in 'universityofleeds' and select 'Continue.

Zoom sign in with SSO dialog box

This will load a web browser page, and require you to log in using your University credentials. Doing this will authenticate your account on Zoom, and you will be signed in on the desktop client. If prompted by your browser, select the option to 'Open Zoom'.

You can join meetings using web browsers, Android and iOS mobile apps or by installing the desktop client. 

Signing in to the Zoom mobile app

If you haven't already done so please download and install the 'Zoom Meetings' app from your app store.

Open Zoom Meetings and click 'Sign in'. 

On the 'Sign in' page, Click on the 'SSO' tab (do not enter your email and password yet).
Screenshot of Zoom Mobile sign in page

 Enter 'universityofleeds' as the company domain and click 'continue'.

Screenshot of Zooms company Domain Name selection page

You should then be taken to the usual University of Leeds SSO page where you can sign into your University account.  Once signed in, you will return to the Zoom app, which will be logged into your University Zoom account.

Existing Users

All staff and students at the University of Leeds can access scheduled meetings via this service. Any '' user of Zoom prior to the purchase of the Enterprise licence (before September 2020), who doesn't sign in via Single Sign On (SSO), will be required to go through the Zoom account consolidation process when logging in.

Account consolidation with associated domains

Although straight forward, Account consolidation can be challenging, and you may have concerns. IT Services provide online support to take you through the process step by step, usually this takes 10 - 15 minutes. You may have already been contacted directly by IT Services asking you to join the site licence by following some simple steps or you can opt to take an appointment with a member of the IT Services support team.
If you have tried to consolidate your existing account/s into the site licence and run into difficulty, please contact the IT Service Desk.

You may find the following Zoom article helpful: Consolidating Zoom accounts.

Further Help and Support

For guidance and support on how to use the Zoom application please visit the Zoom Help Centre, where you will find various Video Tutorials, Frequently asked questions and Getting started topics for Users and Participants.


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